Project description

This project is an attempt to create a server utility that will be able to host almost any protocol needed. There is no built-in protocol (such as IRC, FTP, etc.) and this is why this tool is innovative. The whole communication system have to be coded by the system administrator because everything is script-based. There is even a script editor included inside the server GUI, but you are not forced to use this interface if you don't want to. You can edit you source code in an external editor, such as Emacs, and import it into the script database. Also, if you want to share your configuration code, you'll be able to export a single module or the whole database into script files.
(N.B.: The database contains two version of the configuration code : the text version and the compiled version. Only the text version is exportable.)

The future of the project

The first goal of this project is building a server that can be used to host massively multiplayer online games (MMOG). After the developpement of the server utility, I plan to create a game that will use this tool to host it's world. For the moment, I consider that this project is pedagogic and I don't want to give any hope to anybody. I just need to learn many things, and I think it's a good project to do so.

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